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Reduces Cellulite
Tightens Skin
Brings Smiles

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Your Multi-Level Approach to Reduce Cellulite, Stress and Muscle Tension
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Welcome  Relaxation And Transformation Spa offers an Advanced Concept Cellulite Reduction Program on Long Island. Utilizing the latest FDA approved technology, Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound Cavitation and our additional techniques have proven to be a terrific, non-invasive liposuction alternative.  With no down time, pain,side effects or expensive commitments, the Cavi-Lipo machine will  permanently destroy fat and cellulite, in addition to tightening the skin. Our licensed professionals ensure optimal results with our experience, expertise and passion.Body Sculpting and Contouring is an "Art." We can help you reshape your body, slim down target areas and continue your daily activities without interruption.
Celebrate Without Cellulite Long Islander's! Vacations! Weddings! Life!... with a fabulous multi-level approach to target, reduce and destroy cellulite, stress and muscle tension. This Advanced Formula Concept combines specific techniques, expert therapists and the newest FDA approved technology, ultrasound lipo cavitation, to liquefy and destroy fat cells while helping you manage stress and feel better about yourself and your life! This exciting formula was designed to reduce your stress and your waistline at the same time! It will eliminate unsightly adipose tissue, tighten skin and re-teach your body and mind to engage the "relaxation response" to reduce stress, a leading cause of cellulite. Why our Advanced Formula Concept? Cavi-Lipo is one of the most advanced and efficient systems using Ultrasound Lipo Cavitation to breakdown fat cells, eliminate cellulite and tighten and smooth skin and help you lose inches, but it is only as good as the person doing the body sculpting. R.A.T. professionals have the know-how and the experience to truly body sculpt!  This is more effective than other treatments that claim to sculpt your body and which boast similar results, such as Smart Lipo, Vaser and Laser Lipo, iLipo, all of which may reduce the size, but do not destroy fat cells. And don't be fooled by the marketing ploys of the manufacturers of cellulite creams, cellulite gel, or any other anti-cellulite products, they don't eliminate fat cells like Cavi Lipo! Choose Relaxation And Transformation Spa to get a Little Boost From the Best! Check out our video to learn more

• Stomach, Waist, Hips, Love Handles • Bra Rolls • Thighs • Buttocks • Upper Arms • Inner Knees • Male Breasts
Advantages of Ultrasound Cavitation
• Non-Invasive
• Non-Surgical Liposuction
• No Side-Effects
• No Hospitalization
• No Scars
• No Anesthesia
• No Pain
• Immediate and Permanent Cellulite Reduction
• Able to Target Specific Areas
• Promotes Elasticity in Skin
• Strengthen and Tighten Connective Tissue

See For Yourself What Cavi-Lipo And Relaxation And Transformation Spa Can Offer You!
About Us

Relaxation And Transformation Spa is a seedling company grown and nourished by the well rooted company, Hands On HealthCare Massage Therapy and Wellness Day Spa located in Commack, Long Island. We are proud to bring our experience, expertise and passion to this fledgling. We are dedicated Licensed Massage Therapists and Estheticians that realize that we are stronger together than we are as individuals. We take our promises seriously. We believe in being the best and doing the right thing  We take great pride in all that we do. We provide you with an atmosphere you will find warm and inviting, professional and clean. We value your time and therefore, we run on time.

We like to keep it ABOUT YOU! Without You There Would Be No Us. 

R.A.T.S. has licensed professionals actually doing the cellulite reduction and body sculpting. We don't have "technicians." Our massage therapists and estheticians do what they do best! They went to school and practice their craft on bodies. Body Sculpting and Contouring is an "Art." We can help you reshape your body, slim down target areas and continue your daily activities without interruption. We are passionate about what we do, we love what we do and more importantly, you will love what we do, too!

We promise to treat you the way we would want to be treated. We want you to get maximal results in a minimal amount of time. No pressure, no commitments! Nobody is on bonus’s or commissions here! We list our prices. If you want to buy a package, great, if you don’t that’s okay, too! Time and Results are often necessary to reduce not only the cellulite, but the skepticism! We get it! 

Our locations are conveniently located off of major roadways. We hope to open additional offices soon! Check us out!


Ultrasound Body Sculpting has been showcased on Dr.OZ, The Doctors, Fox- News, CBS, Barbara Walters, etc.
To See A News Media Video and Dr. Oz

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Cellulite and Stress Reduction Program

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Relaxation And Transformation Spa Jericho, NY

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Cellulite and Stress Reduction Program

Variety of Massage Therapies and Skin Care

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